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Per Gustafsson is a digital artist and designer based in Sweden. An early practitioner of digital art, he started out using limited software and gradually invented techniques that paved the way for fresh and exciting imagery. His creative output gained attention in the mid 90’s and placed him among the pioneers behind manually rendered digital imagery. Prior to this, computer-users had relieved heavily upon automated programming which capped the creative input. Since then, Per has continued these efforts, expanding his technical skills whilst staying true to an aesthetics he describes as abstract expressionism. His work explores enigmatic visions that often take on a hallucinatory quality, deceiving and enthralling the viewer at once. Symmetry, inspired by morphological patterns found in nature, recurs in Per’s imagery. The symmetry, however, is almost always interrupted by an intentional imperfection – a method known as Zelige in Moroccan pattern making, where a flaw is inserted in respect of the belief that only Allah is capable of perfection. To the artist, these defects serve as a reminder of the importance of human interaction in a largely digitalized world.